How Does This Freebies Thing Work?

How does this work? We’ve come up with the biggest database of offers for freebies in Canada. Our website has hundreds of freebie offers listed, and they are genuine. On top of that, we add a handful of new freebies every day of the week.

There are thousands of businesses across Canada who are giving consumers free samples online. It’s a great marketing strategy for them because it gets them exposure and draws interest to their products. We’ve discovered that more than half of consumers who get to try a product are probably going to buy that same product at some point in the future.

More Than 1000 Freebies

We’ve got more than 1000 freebies on our site from genuine companies.

Here are just a few of the companies that have previously worked with us: Asda, Tesco, Gillette, Nestle, Lacoste, Huggies, Colgate, Dove, L’Oreal, Garnier, Nives, Pampers, Gucci, Rimmel, Kelloggs, Wilkinson, Sainsbury, and many more!

Our Guide To Getting Started

1) First, look through our website listing to find a few freebies that you might want. Then, click on the button that says “Get Freebie”.

2) You’re then going to be redirected to the websites of those companies. You just give them your name and address, and you’ve applied for their freebie!

3) Kick back and relax while you wait for the freebies to come to your door. Delivery might take four weeks.

Do be patient! Some of these companies can get hit with thousands of requests within weeks.

They do hand out loads of freebies though. You can get everything from free samples of makeup to baby stuff. We’ve got so many offers on our website that we are confident anyone can find something. Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out what the new daily offers are.