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T & C’s – FreeStuffCa.com

For Canadian consumers who want to test out products or just receive samples for the joy of it FreeStuffCa.com is a fantastic resource. Customers receive freebies, get access to great competitions and surveys – and much more.

The owners of the site do reserve the option of changing the services that are available – or withdraw any of those services. They will also not be held responsible if the site is not available for any reason, irrespective of the period.

More About FreeStuffCa.com

The following T & C’s provide customers with guidance on the relationship with FreeStuffCa.com – including the site itself – as well as the management and employees (et al) of the site.

Customers need to familiarize themselves with these terms and conditions as they have a material impact on the customer’s rights, as well as their liabilities. Those who make use of the site are deemed to have agreed to the T & C’s. Those customers who wish to make enquiries should contact the site itself.

Terms and Conditions Relating To The Use Of The Site.

1. Customers are provided with access to the site, its products and services for free – subject to the T & C’s.

2. Management makes every attempt to ensure that the information on the site is accurate. – as well as ensuring that the site remains available to customers. However, that said – it is by no means guaranteed, nor is there a guarantee that all information on the site is up to date and accurate. The owners/employees and management, therefore, do not accept any liability for damage or loss resulting from the use of the site or lack of access.

3. Every care is taken by the editorial staff to ensure that the offers selected are correct once published. Note that images on the site are representative only – the actual products received by the customer may differ. Use of the site is at the customer’s own risk. The company accepts no liability in relation to errors made by editorial staff.

4. Yourfreestaff.ca exercises no control over the services and products of third parties. The company accepts no liability for any loss (of any kind) related to the products and services from third parties. In addition, the company will accept no liability for any loss which may result from the use of this site – to the full extent of English law.

5. As a user of the site, you accept the fact that the agreement for the supply of goods or services (using on-site vouchers) exists between you and the third party supplier. FreeStuffCa.com accepts no responsibility for any transaction that may be undertaken between you and a third party.

6. FreeStuffCa.com reserves its right to make such changes to the T & C’s as it deems necessary – without informing users. It is the user’s responsibility to check the content of the T & C’s regularly.

7. The company reserves the right to enforce T & C’s within a reasonable time frame.

Limitations For Use Of The Site.

1. It is assumed that the user is acting legally when using the site. The company reserves the right to terminate user access if illegal use takes place. In addition, the company cannot be held liable for the consequences of illegal use.

Prohibitions of Use

1. We consider you are using our website for legal purposes. However, we cannot be responsible for your illegal use. We reserve the right to terminate your access in order to prevent the use of the site for any unlawful purpose.

2. Customers/users may not use the site for commercial gain. They may also not provide any enforceable benefits to third parties against FreeStuffCa.com other than with express permission.


1. Registration of an email address is required for access to the newsletter. This registration implies acceptance for FreeStuffCa.com to send users the newsletter.

2. Customers will receive a single email per day with details of current offers on each day of the working week.

3. Customers may sign up for facebook access or the company Twitter feed by completing the information required on the on-site signup boxes.

4. Users may unsubscribe using the functionality contained in each newsletter.

5. personal information is gathered on registration. for further information, users are urged to review the privacy policy on site which provides additional detail about how information is used.

Intellectual Property.

FreeStuffCa.com owns or holds the license of any and all intellectual property on the company site. Information is protected by relevant global copyright. All rights are reserved.

Users may make a single hard copy of any pages on the site. this is to be used only as personal reference material. Users may also direct the attention of others within their organization to any on-site material.

Any copies made cannot be modified in any way. In addition, no images or other illustrative material (including animations and video) may be used.


The company has an affiliate partnership with many of the product and service providers on site. In terms of this relationship, FreeStuffCa.com may be paid a commission for click-throughs and sign-ups.

Data Protection and Privacy Issues.

In line with global best practice, all users information will be kept private and secured against unauthorized access. User information will not be sold or provided to third parties.