Earn $5-$100 Per Activity With Avatar Feedback Community

The Avatar Feedback Community is an online community where members share their opinions about avatars in general and more specifically about Meta Avatars. Avatars are digital self-representations, i.e., what you would use to represent yourself with others online. We are currently recruiting new members to the community where you will be asked to participate in 16 activities over an 8-month period (approximately 2 activities per month). If you qualify to join our community, you will:

Help shape the future of Avatars.

• Participate in a series of research activities that will influence decision making and shape the future of avatars and virtual reality.

Get rewarded for your participation.

• Once you qualify and join, you will be asked to participate in up to 16 short survey activities over the next 8 months.
• For each activity completed, you will collect between $9-$15 USD per activity*.
• The more you contribute, the more you earn, and the more you can redeem.

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Posted on: 05/12/2023

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