The Ideology of Freebies & Why Companies Give Away Their Products for Free

All of you have walked through a shopping mall and must have been offered a taste of bread, body cream or anything like that including free makeovers from the cosmetic counters but have you ever wondered why?
There’s a reason that retailers have reinforced this into their boundaries.

If you want to take advantage of the trillion-dollar online economy then you must adopt the time honored “Try Before You Buy” in this world of internet. Giving away free stuff helps you and the people to move from not knowing anything about you and your company to trusting you and your company, which is when they buy.

Below mentioned are those five and crucial stages by which you want to move our audience through in order to be in the position to monetise your social media and digital efforts.

You Are Anonymous to Them

If your audience isn’t familiar to you then you are going to find it really hard and challenging to get them to purchase from you the first time, they happen upon you. The first thing you need to understand that the people need and want to trust those people with whom they meet or come across online and the bitter truth is that there are variety of companies out there on whom people just don’t trust at all.
You need to keep in mind that you need to make people shift to stage two where they can trust you without any sort of long-term or financial commitment.


They Start Trusting You

So the thing is that giving away stuff to people for free that solves their problem is perfection.
This could be a free sample of anything such as (the bread or cosmetic counter makeover as I have mentioned above) or even a guide that solves their problem. In this procedure your audience will experience your company and advice without sharing any of their personal details except their name and email address with you which is frankly speaking a low-level commitment. It also proves that your company is reputable and trustworthy along with that you are willing and able to solve their problems before they spent a cent with you.

Let’s suppose that you are a book editor so you can just give away a “five basic steps guide to self-edit your book” or let’s say if you are family law firm then you can even share “the seven questions you should ask a prospective family lawyer before you”.


They Start to Like You

We all know and it is pretty much evident that people buy again and again from the people they like. Take a couple of seconds and think about your favorite coffee shop where you just walk in and your favorite barista says “Hi [name] The Regular one? Obviously it makes you feel a bit special right!
At this matter of time, as you have already sent them for free you still need to remain in touch with them and keep building your relationship. So to maintain your relationship with them you can email them on regular basis containing some value based content, hints, tips & advice and don’t forget that you’ll also need to post on social media regularly with almost same value bases content. This tactic will help them to like you more & more with consistency and then there comes a moment when they’ll move to phase 4.


They Trust You

For a person it is necessary to trust you and your company to buy from you. Your aim is to focus on building that trust using digital platforms by sharing free and valuable content with the knowledge because this will lead your audience into the purchase naturally. This process of trust building can happen over the space of 10 minutes throughout the years clearly depending on your business, products or offers.
Let’s say that you are an automobile dealer then you can do car reviews or you can talk about how to keep that new car smell for years. Also you can talk about why you would choose one car over another by using and sharing your expert opinion and then you also suggest people to come in and talk to you without any hesitation.


They Keep Buying From You & Become A Customer

Congrats! Because at this moment of time you have another happy customer who is likely to purchase again and again from your company and possibly to recommend you to other and keep trusting and following you.

Posted on: 12/09/2020

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