Tips for New Free Sample Fans

It’s a fact that everyone loves free stuff. If you see freebie hunting is like a game with lots of rules that if you don’t follow you are most likely going to be kicked out of the running.

So if you’re a new freebie hunter in Canada, we spoke to FreeCanadaSamples and we came up with a few tips and tricks for you.


Create a second account

First off you need to create an account just for freebie hunting. You cannot keep one account for freebie hunting and for work/personal life.
For your own sanity just keep them in separate accounts.


If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is

There is no shortage of scams out there in the world. So think before you act. Don’t let the words “Free” cloud your judgment.
Always be on guard and don’t make a decision you will regret later on.


Keep your hopes in check

One of main problems of freebie hunting is people let their hopes fly high. You need to keep your hopes on a tight leach. Keep the hopes in check. It’s very rare to get full sized packages as freebies. Mostly you’ll just get sachets of beauty products or just some accessories. Basically nothing too fancy or expensive.
The main reason for these freebies is to attract customers so keep that in mind.


You need to speak up

You should always write to companies letting them know you’re enjoying their services and products and maybe also asking for freebies. Most of the time they are happy to hear from you and more than happy to send you a care package.


Keep ahead of the competition

Be on the lookout for new brands offering freebies so you never miss out on amazing deals.

Posted on: 09/14/2021

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